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new rose

   An eclectic, atmospheric shop where more is more  

I have always loved an almost painfully ridiculous range of styles, genres, arts, music, cultures, people and adventures!!
At a young age I began trying to figure out a way to gracefully integrate them all!  New Rose is the current incarnation of this constant, ever evolving journey!

One of my favorite inspirations is Vivienne Westwood, but not for the obvious reasons.  Although she is an amazing designer, the real reason she inspires me is because of her unstructured rebelliousness!  She started her career with a super DIY attitude!  She taught herself how to sew by dismantling preexisting garments and opened the doors to her first shop WHILE she was getting it ready!  No business plan!  She kept expanding and evolving as she went along! 
That's exactly how I've inspirited New Rose. 
And yes, if you were wondering, the store was named after the famous punk song!


History, quality and story are super important to me.  I strive to find beautiful pieces and products that take care of the earth, its' animals and people.  Most everything you'll find in New Rose is handmade, fair trade, environmentally friendly, up-cycled or vintage.  Each piece has a story which is what truly gives it its' soul and magic!  It is my ongoing mission to support and promote the artists of the world while honoring our planet. 
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